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Kal Mansur is known for translucent and colorful acrylic sculptures, which he has been producing since 2006. His work is unique in its use of diffusion and concealment as compositional elements. Mansur uses solid acrylic forms combined with painted components to elicit a dialogue between atmosphere and technical composition. His sculptures are encased within translucent acrylic panels that visually change as light strikes their internal elements. The light casts internal shadows, illuminates other segments, and allows the viewer to visually travel through the spaces he composes. This kinetic quality is foundational to his work, creating a hybrid between geometric abstraction and the pristine constructions found in minimalism. 

Mansur completed his BFA from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He is represented by galleries in Canada, Europe, and the United States. His work is in various collections, including Tiffany and Company (Honolulu and Moscow), Bonjour Capital (New York), George Brown College (Toronto), Ryerson University (Toronto), the Norwegian Cruise Line, the Caribbean Cruise Line, Related Companies (New York), Senvest Corporation (Montreal), Sloan-Kettering (New York), Alliance Capital (New York), and KPMG (Toronto). His studio is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.