The Official Logo for Art (2019)

The Official Logo for Art (2019)

Three large-scale acrylic sculptures: 8’ (diameter), 5’ (diameter), 3’ (diameter)

Commissioned by George Brown College - School of Design at Daniels Waterfront, Toronto

This work combines the traditions of sculpture and painting. Mansur uses solid acrylic elements with painted elements to evoke a response between the familiar and the obscure. The built and painted sculpture is housed within a translucent container that causes the internal elements to shift under changing light and viewing conditions.

This artwork was made for this place. By reacting to the scale and light of the entrance to the building, Mansur seeks to provide viewers with a creative foil. Something to react to or against in the search for a muse. The artwork's vibrant presence belies it's fragility and changing nature. It is a statement of location, identity, and place. A logo for art.